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The Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) is the only centre of research specialized in veterinary medicine in the Czech Republic and one of the few in Europe. Institute’s core activity is delivering high quality research and dissemination of research results to both the academic community and practical users in the agricultural and food industry.

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Contribution to stroke research

The Department of Pharmacology and Immunotherapy of the Veterinary Research Institute contributes to stroke research mainly in the field of development, preparation and characterization of nanomaterials for selective and specific imaging of thrombi and also carries out detailed in vitro and in vivo testing using modern techniques. The joint workplace of Veterinary Research Institute and FNUSA-ICRC, the NANOPHARM laboratory led by Assoc. Prof. Jaroslav Turánek stands out with the state-of-the-art equipment for preclinical imaging methods and development of biocompatible nanoparticles. Veterinary Research Institute has long been involved in research and development, among the others of targeted therapeutics and diagnostics.

Who's In?

Motivated and enthusiastic professionals with the goal to perform meaningful research that impacts people’s life.

  • Jaroslav Turánek

    Jaroslav Turánek

    Jaroslav Turánek is an associate professor at Masaryk University and the senior scientist and team leader at Veterinary Research Institute, Brno. He has long-year experience in field of pharmacology, immunotherapy and nanobiotechnology. His research interests are focused on vaccines, adjuvants, theranostics, drug delivery nanosystems for anticancer and antiviral drugs.

  • Josef Mašek

    Josef Mašek

    Josef Mašek is a researcher with expertise in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, and microscopic techniques. His research interests are focused on drug targeting, vaccine delivery systems and diagnostics, research of new biocompatible nanomaterials including liposomes, polymer nanoparticles, and nanofiber-based drug delivery systems.

  • Adam Novobilský

    Adam Novobilský

    Adam Novobilský  is a an associate professor, a researcher with the expertise in in vivo imaging techniques (microtomography, fluorescence, luminiscence), animal models and image analysis.

  • Pavlína Turánek Knötigová

    Pavlína Turánek Knötigová

    Pavlína is a researcher with the expertise in in vitro pharmacological and immunological models, in vivo imaging techniques (microtomography), animal models and image analysis.

  • Jan Kotouček

    Jan Kotouček

    Jan Kotouček is a researcher with the research expertise in field of physicochemical analysis of nanoparticles, separation analytical techniques, fluorescence and fluorimetry.

  • Eliška Bartheldyová

    Eliška Bartheldyová

    Eliška is a researcher with the research focus on development of liposomal constructs, preparation of liposomes and other nanoparticles using microfluidic mixing and their characterization using modern analytical techniques.

  • Jaroslav Ondruš

    Jaroslav Ondruš

    Jaroslav is a junior researcher focused on animal models (mice and rats), imaging with micro-CT, thrombus targeting and its experimental reduction. His main interest is research of cardiovascular diseases.

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