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Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institution in Brno is a comprehensive cancer center provided complex oncological treatment of solid tumors in adults. The cancer research is centralised in the Regional Centre for Applied Molecular Oncology (RECAMO) focused to discover, evaluate, and validate novel biomarkers in human solid cancers.

Contribution to stroke research

In stroke research projects, the Proteomic laboratory at RECAMO lead by Prof. Lenka Hernychová tightly cooperates with Loschmidt laboratories of Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno and FNUSA-ICRC. Activities of proteomic laboratory are focused on studies of molecular nature of interactions of thrombolytics with other molecules that affect their functions, modifications and catalytic properties of in house produced thrombolytic proteins and new thrombolytics discovered within this project.

Who's In?

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  • Lenka Hernychová

    Lenka Hernychová

    Prof. Lenka Hernychová is a senior scientist, Leader of the Proteomic laboratory at RECAMO. In stroke research projects she specializes in the study of glycosylation pattern occurring on trombolytics and protein-protein interactions of thrombolytic molecules with its binging partners using hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry approach.

  • Lukáš Uhrík

    Lukáš Uhrík

    Lukáš is a Ph.D. student at RECAMO. His responsibilities in stroke projects are focused on the analysis of the protein-protein interactions of thrombolytic proteins with binding partners using hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry method to determine regions of interactions and allosteric changes of proteins.

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