We are bringing together experts from different fields for joint research that leads to improved diagnosis and treatment of stroke.


Our vision is to help stroke patients by building up efficient scientific network in order to accelerate the development of innovative treatments.

About Stroke Brno

Who We Are?

The leading Brno scientists have joined forces in the field of stroke translational research.

Why Stroke Research?

Identification of effective preventive and therapeutic measures is one of the healthcare priorities. The number of people affected by acute stroke is gradualy increasing together with the age of people in modern society. Demographic analyses indicate that European population will by the oldest in the world by 2030. Life expectancy is growing world-wide and the Czech Republic is no exception. 

Stroke is the one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. It is also one of the most frequent causes of dementia and epilepsy. Moreover, the incidence of stroke will be increasing because of population aging. Impacts of stroke on modern societies are and will be enormous due to loss of lives, loss of life quality of surviving patients and their families, and huge social-economic burden. 

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Stroke research goals

Our Goals

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from research institutions, university hospital – all working in the stroke field from the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Providing top bench to bedside research
  • Networking between academia, governmental institutions, and the private sphere
  • Working with young talented scientists and experienced professionals

Coordination team

  • Veronika Svobodová

    Veronika Svobodová

    Strategy Management / Finances

  • Marie Švaňhalová

    Marie Švaňhalová

    Coordination / Cooperation

  • Hana Maršálková

    Hana Maršálková

    PR / Development

  • Eliška Stravová

    Eliška Stravová

    Webmaster / Marketing

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