Loschmidt Laboratories
of Masaryk University

of Masaryk University in Brno and FNUSA-ICRC

About institution

Loschmidt Laboratories of Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno and FNUSA-ICRC conduct interdisciplinary biotechnology research in the field of protein engineering. Since established in 1994, Loschmidt Laboratories consistently continue publishing their findings in reputable scientific journals, develop new software tools and microfluidic platforms and apply research to practice. Complex projects of Loschmidt Laboratories to bring understading in the structure-function relationship of proteins studying molecular mechanisms of diseases.

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Contribution to stroke research

The valuable role of Loschmidt Laboratories in stroke research program is in development of new trombolytics using state-of-the art methodologies of protein engineering. Prof. Jiří Damborský and his team use supercomputer simulations and kinetic methods that help to better understand the mechanism of action and downside of currently used and newly developed thrombolytics.

Who's In?

Motivated and enthusiastic professionals with the goal to perform meaningful research that impacts people’s life.

  • Jiří Damborský

    Jiří Damborský

    Jiri Damborsky is a Professor of Biochemistry, he is interested in development of computational tools for rational protein design, he applies rational protein design and focused directed evolution to engineer proteins for biomedical and biotechnological applications. He very much enjoys raising future leaders in science and business.

  • Zbyněk Prokop

    Zbyněk Prokop

    Zbynek Prokop is a Professor at Masaryk University, where he leads research team engaged in the study of fundamental principles of protein chemistry, enzyme mechanism and kinetics. His expertise extends to enzyme technology development and applications of microfluidics in life and biomedical sciences. In the stroke projects, Zbynek is supervising the development and application of advanced biophysical methods for in vitro functional analysis of thrombolytic proteins.

  • David Bednář

    David Bednář

    David has background in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He  has 10 years of experience in the use and development of molecular modelling and bioinformatics tools; expert on design of protein‘s stability and analysis of structure-function relationships of proteins and their design. In the stroke projects, David is supervising computational analysis of thrombolytic proteins and design of new drugs by protein mutagenesis.

  • Martin Toul

    Martin Toul

    Martin is a Ph.D. student and a researcher in Loschmidt Laboratories. His main goal is to describe in detail how thrombolytic drugs work on molecular level. He is revealing the mechanism of action of currently used drugs and their biggest downsides using advanced experimental kinetic methods. Identification and removal of these limiting factors is the key to designing novel thrombolytics which effectively work in stroke treatment.

  • Jan Mičan

    Jan Mičan

    Jan is a student of General Medicine at Masaryk University Brno with the intention of fighting stroke as a neurologist after graduation. His work is using supercomputer simulations to better understand how thrombolytics work in the blood clot and in the human body, and to develop new thrombolytic drugs.

  • Veronika Slonková

    Veronika Slonková

    Veronika is a student of General Medicine at Masaryk University Brno. She has been devoting herself to scientific activities for several years already. Her task is testing novel variants of thrombolytic drugs and determining their effectivity using laboratory experiments and computer analyses.

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