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About institution

BioVendor is an internationally active biotechnology company with its own research, development and manufacturing and international sales and marketing network. It has specialized in the development of original immunoassay kits for biomarkers. Recently BioVendor focuses on novel topics known to be of great interest among the scientific and diagnostic community – microRNA biomarkers, especially targeted to the area of neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease.

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Contribution to stroke research

Division of R&D of  BioVendor company led by Dr. Martina Hložánková fulfills its mission in stroke research to search for a new molecular diagnostic tools for non-invasive evaluation of stroke patients and bring the modern scientific results into the clinical practice.

Who's In?

Motivated and enthusiastic professionals with the goal to perform meaningful research that impacts people’s life.

  • Martina Hložánková

    Martina Hložánková

    Martina Hložánková is a Director of R&D division in Biovendor company. She coordinates shared projects and she manages the professional management and coordination of projects.

  • Michal Kostka

    Michal Kostka

    Michal Kostka is a CEO at Biovendor and its diagnostic group. Michal´s bones to FNUSA-ICRC date one decade back to the past, when he was a Vice-Chair of ICRC in 2010-2012.

  • Tereza Báťková

    Tereza Báťková

    Tereza is a Ph.D. student in the field of Neurosciences. Her research is focused on molecular biomarkers related to stroke. As a junior researcher at FNUSA-ICRC and Biovendor works on development of methods for diagnosis of stroke using studied biomarkers as a potential diagnostic tool.

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