Institute Of Scientific Instruments

of the Czech Academy of Sciences

About institution

The Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ISI) performs scientific research in the areas of magnetic resonance, electron microscopy and microanalysis, utilization of lasers, acquisition and processing of bio signals, construction of scientific instruments and their parts and improvement and utilization of special technologies. The goals are to perform scientific research, contribute to the utilization of its research and provide research infrastructure.

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Contribution to stroke research

In many studies the Department of Magnetic Resonance and Cryogenics of ISI led by Dr. Zenon Starčuk creates an interconnection in research of the Institute of Biophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Veterinary Research Institute and FNUSA-ICRC. The verification of findings and further studies are carried out by means of modern technical facilities and magnetic resonance.

Who's In?

Motivated and enthusiastic professionals with the goal to perform meaningful research that impacts people’s life.

  • Radovan Jiřík

    Radovan Jiřík

    Radovan is a researcher with an expertise in biomedical engineering, imaging techniques and its biomedical applications.

  • Jiří Kratochvíla

    Jiří Kratochvíla

    Jiří is a researcher with an expertise in the field of small animal imaging using imaging techniques such as MRI and different analytical techniques.

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