10th August 2022

Prof. Mikulík’s team got awarded by the Minister of Health for their research!

Project AZV Nanoliposomal systems for rapid diagnosis of thrombi by MRI got awarded by the Minister of Health in June. The aim of the project was to prove the possibility of direct thrombi imaging, identify its limitations and achieve the top technological readiness. This would mean quicker, simpler, cheaper and more accessible diagnostics and therefore quality improvement in stroke care.

As a result of the project, patented technology for nanoparticle synthesis and a unique animal model were developed by Stroke Brno cluster.

The project was led by prof. Mikulík with close cooperation with prof. Turánek, Dr. Mašek, Dr. Jiřík and Dr. Malý who were also awarded.

This pre-clinical project has laid the basis for findings that will change the face of today’s medicine.


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